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Senior Advisory Council 

Magazine/Newsletter / January Issue

Caregiver & Volunteers 

“Power Conscious" Affirm to yourself on a daily basis and heal and transform your relationships with everyone. Test yourself. Go! I intend to create successful relationships with all people, both personally and professionally. I Only Have Loving Relationships With Everyone (Family, Friends, Enemies, The World) I love, respect and appreciate myself; therefore, I treat everyone with love and respect.


I no longer feel the need to please people or understand why they do what they do. I accept people for who they are because I know who I Am. I am Powerful. I give Love. I give Love. I give Love.”

Health & Fitness 

Welcome to the first Cooking Healthy. In each issue of this newsletter you will learn valuable information and tips on how to take the struggle and frustration out of cooking (great tasting) healthy meals for yourself and your family. 


Do you have trouble cooking healthy meals for your family? When it comes to cooking healthy meals for our families, it can be a real challenge. There is always some degree of indecisiveness. The good news is, there are plenty of heath wise recipes that are tasty and slightly camouflaged as comfort foods your family will love. 

Seniors Living

Understanding the Causes of High Blood Pressure

Each year when you go for your medical checkup your doctor will measure your blood pressure. There are two numbers that are returned in your reading. The top number is called the systolic pressure and the lower number is called the diastolic pressure. 

You have high blood pressure when your systolic number is 140 or higher and your diastolic pressure is 90 or above. If your numbers are really high your doctor may recommend that you start taking medication to control your blood pressure. 

Full blown high blood pressure or hypertension occurs at the numbers we mentioned above. You are said to have pre-hypertension when your systolic pressure reads between 120 and 139 and your diastolic pressure reads between 80 and 89. 

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