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About Us


From our hearts to yours, We truly believe that we are powerful people, regardless of what age. Working together as a family unit, will allow us all to reach our fullest potential in life, empower our communities and offer solid solutions to seniors and caregivers daily challenges.

How can we better service and empower seniors and caregiver?

Our Mission

The mission of the Senior Companion Advisory Council is to provide wise counsel, advice and support in the operation of the Senior Companion Program (The Health Department) as well as promote independent living, recognize Senior Companions and conduce an annual project evaluation.

The Senior Companion Advisory Council is committed to motivate, encourage and empower Senior Companions, community leaders, service providers and recipients of services to working together with care, compassion and fundraising to improve the quality of life for all.  


The Baltimore City Health Department Division of Aging and Care Services offers a variety of services and initiatives to improve the lives of seniors in Baltimore, including health evaluation, personal care, transportation and volunteer opportunities.

The Senior Companion Program ( SCP ) Advisory Council advises,
advocates and supports the SCP
Annually the Advisory Council conducts a survey with  each Volunteer Station Site Supervisor  to determine the measurable impact of the services provided by the SCP, as well as  the services provided by each of the dedicated and committed Volunteer Senior Companions.  The Survey findings reveal the benefits provided by the SCP, the impact of the services provided by the volunteer Senior Companions, and the level of satisfaction with the volunteer Senior Companions.


Additionally, the surveys Identify  concerns, problems and suggestions that are helpful to both the SCP and the Advisory Council, the impact the Volunteer Senior Companions have on the clients /residents,
identification of any cost savings associated with the assignment of the volunteer Senior Companion, percentage of clients/residents who meet and/or exceed Care Plan Goals, and  the percentage of clients/residents who would be at risk of  institutionalization if a Volunteer Senior Companion was not available.

Once a year to recognize and show appreciation to each of the Volunteer Senior Companions.  The Advisory Council gives a gift to each of the Volunteer Senior Companion. We also contribute to the SCP Annual Recognition Luncheon. You may fill out a Volunteer application at the Health Department.

There are many elderly persons who need and could benefit from the services provided by the Senior Companion Program. However, the lack of resources (money, services, personnel, etc.) it is not possible at this time. In oder to bridge this gap the SCP Advisory Council is in collaboration with the University of Maryland Patients Program will provide FREE information about healthy aging, living independently, taking medicine properly via face to face interactions, newsletter and other social media to seniors, family members, senior centers, community groups, caretakers, researchers, and faith based community.  This is an extremely exciting opportunity for SCP. We will keep you posted on this partnerships influence and impact on Community Health for Seniors & Caregivers. 

Partnership and Relationship Building

Question, How can we partner to better service and empower Seniors, Caregiver and Community Stakeholders to live healthier and happier lives, on a daily bases? Brining all the stakeholder to the table and having conversations, has sparked an exciting synergy.  We will let you know the outcome in nine months of this initiative. Major Important Partnerships that we are now developing strong relationships with:

  1. The Health Department,

  2. The Majors Office,

  3. The Police Department,

  4. The University Of Maryland,

  5. Housing & Urban Development (HUD) 

  6. Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church

  7. Frederic Douglas High School

  8. The Center for Mind & Esteem Development, Inc. and more

How SCP Got The Grant:  Pipeline to Proposal Awards

The Senior Companion Program was first introduced to PCORI by The Patients Program, principle investigator, C. Daniel Mullins, PhD.  Dr. Mullins and his team greatly assisted SCP in understanding the pcori grant process and written languate for the proposal.  And they also introduced us to The Center For Mind & Esteem Development, Marvin Mack, Founder and Director. CMED,Inc. as assisted us in concepulizing how we are going to use technology to accomplish our goals and objectives.

Hi-Tech, Hi-Touch “It Takes A Village & Technology”

The Senior Companions Community Empowerment Network is designed to build a solid relationship with community stakeholders via a Web-Platform. This will empower us to become a family unit. Our goal is to offer the community the opportunity to Communicate, Connect, Engage, Learn and Empower Real-time Senior Reform.  We will give the community stakeholders FREE Access to Information Resources. Remember, Information is Extremely Powerful. This will empower us all to be more informed, get connected, have a voice, make suggestions, and be empowered to make more informed decisions regarding our health, family development, education, career development and finances/economics.

Ultimately, SCP desires to Create a Web Platform Information Resource Center that stream line the process to Effective: Senior Empowerment, Self-Sufficiency, Community Development and a better more LOVING & PEACFUL WORLD.


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