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Preventing Alzheimer’s and Osteoporosis in the Elderly


Preventing Alzheimer’s

As you grow old chances are that you may have numerous conditions. Two of the worst are Alzheimer and Osteoporosis. First let me tell you what Alzheimer is and how to prevent it? 

Alzheimer’s is a brain disease related to your age. As you grow old it slowly destroys the memory of a person and thinking skills. Even the ability to carry out the simplest tasks cannot be done. Alzheimer’s is the most frequent cause of dementia, a loss of cognitive functioning and behavioral skill so brutally that it hampers with a person’s every day life and activities. So how can you prevent it? Well here are some ways in which you can; Grow New Brain Cells and Keep Them Alive, Turns out it is possible to grow thousands of new cells in the brain. One simple way to prevent Alzheimer’s is exercising your brain and your body. The best way to keep new born cells alive is by aerobic exercises, a minimum of 30 minutes a day. Other ways are to keep a mental activity, eat fish especially salmon, maintaining your weight, and avoid stress, drinking and deficiency of Vitamin B. 


One of the best secrets in life is Meditation. Meditating around 15 minutes a day for a couple of months helps the flow of blood and thinking in seniors with memory issues. Lean to meditate and give yourself a gift. It will help you to avoid stress.

Drink Coffee

A recent study in Europe shows that drinking three cups of coffee in your midlife will help to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by almost 60% when you are old. It creates antioxidants. 

Drink Apple Juice

If you do not like coffee than apple juice is the thing for you. It helps to increase a chemical in the brain known as acetylcholine. All you need to do is have two to three apples a day. You will always say an apple a day keeps Alzheimer’s at bay. 

Protect Your Head

This is something which you should always do and is very easy to understand. Protect your head because this disease is frequent in seniors who have had a head injury early in life. If you bump your head when you are over 50 years, it may take up to five year for Alzheimer’s to come forward. 


Preventing Osteoporosis

Let’s talk about preventing Osteoporosis. But first what is Osteoporosis? Well Osteoporosis is the disease of your bones which increases the risk of fractures. One of every eight men and one of every two women develop osteoporosis. 

What steps can you take to avert osteoporosis?

These general measures can be used by senior people, whether or not you eventually go on to develop osteoporosis. 

Exercise and lifestyle

Healthy bones means a healthy living: doing exercise on a regular basis is the most important action you can take to enhance the strength of your bones. Exercise reduces the risk of diabetes, Heart conditions and high blood pressure. To prevent osteoporosis you need to walk daily. You should quit smoking and your consumption of alcohol should also be stopped or decreased if you want to live a healthy life. 



Continue with sufficient calcium and vitamin D levels to maintain strong bone. Both men and women over the age of 60 require almost 1,500mg of calcium each day and at least 600 IU of vitamin D. Nuts, beans, cheese, milk and peas are sources for Calcium where as fish, liver and egg yolk are the sources for Vitamin D. 


While there is no one magic fix to prevent Alzheimer’s and Osteoporosis by taking this advice you can greatly reduce your chances of developing them. 

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